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Wholesale Bathroom Vanities

The right bathroom vanity can make all the difference in the look and feel of a bathroom. Bathroom vanities are functional pieces of furniture. Besides, they also carry an important aesthetic function. There are many varieties of bathroom vanities to choose from. Are you looking for some extra storage space? Is it a style piece to be a focal point of the bathroom? Or is its main function to hold up the sink? 

The Different sizes of bathroom vanities. How to choose?

Many contractors are familiar with the situation when a client is asking to fit a double vanity into a small bathroom. Of course, there are ways to do that. For example, by bringing the sinks closer together and dramatically reducing the counter space around. However, that is rarely the best solution. We suggest you begin the conversation by reminding your clients that counter space is usually far more valuable than an extra sink. Help your client select a vanity that will offer a comfortable fit with improved functionality. Better yet, rather than constructing a custom vanity from scratch, choose from a great variety of styles and sizes we offer. In addition, our designers are available to help your client visualize what their new bathroom will look like.

The importance of the bathroom mirrors

Once the bathroom vanity is chosen, there is another important piece that needs to come into place, the mirror. It is hard to underestimate the importance of the bathroom mirror. It is especially important for smaller spaces. For example, when struggling to fit a larger vanity into a small bathroom. Advise your client to consider enhancing the visual space by installing a larger mirror instead.

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