Our Recent Projects - Working with Developers & Builders

Our projects are centered around working closely with professionals in the construction and remodeling industry. Especially multi-unit developments. With our direct ties to the manufacturers, we are able to provide exceptionally low prices on large orders of cabinets, showers, vanities, and countertops.

Multi-unit developments deserve stylish, modern cabinetry and other interior fixtures. Sturbridge Supplies commands a great choice of styles and colors at very competitive prices. More importantly, we have large stock of inventory ready to be assembled, delivered, and installed. For example, a fully assembled kitchen only takes a 1-3 days from order to delivery.

Cabinets and Countertops installation for a Waterfront Condo Building - Boston, MA

Sturbridge Supplies delivered and installed elegant kitchen cabinets and quartz countertops in this beautiful luxury apartment building that looks out into the Boston harbor. We worked closely with the property managers to select the right styles and complete the project thoroughly and quickly. Fully outfitting 10 units took only 3 weeks.

Wholesale Cabinets and quartz countertops - Weymouth, MA

This multi-unit building in Weymouth, MA now boasts modern new cabinets and quartz countertops. Sturbridge Supplies found great styles and very reasonable prices to deliver fully assembled remodeling materials to this building within just two weeks.

Kitchen and bathroom materials for new construction - East Providence, RI

Sturbridge Supplies worked closely with developers of this beautiful new apartment complex in East Providence, RI. We supplied a full set of kitchen and bathroom construction materials for 24 units at the complex was being built.

Best Prices, In-Stock Inventory, Fast Delivery​

Factory-direct prices for contactors, builders, designers, and remodeling industry professionals on cabinets, countertops, galls showers doors, and bathroom vanities.

Kitchen and bathroom materials for new construction - Nashua, NH

This 25-unit apartment building used bathroom and kitchen construction supplies exclusively provided by Sturbridge Supplies. Beautiful kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and countertops were delivered to the builders swiftly, fully assembled, and constructed exactly to the measurements.

Kitchen and bathrooms remodeling - Weston, MA

This historic building in Weston, MA, combines tradition with modern luxury. Sturbridge Supplies worked with remodeling contractors to install new kitchen and bathrooms. Complete sets of quartz countertops, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, custom-size glass shower doors were delivered within 2 weeks.

Kitchen and bathrooms remodeling - Worcester, MA

Owners of this 3-unit apartment building in Worcester, MA, reached out to us for help to fully remodel the building. It now boasts cutting-edge new kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, modern bathroom vanities, and glass shower doors exclusively provided by Sturbridge Supplies. Selecting, assembling, and delivering all the remodeling supplies and materials took 3 weeks total.

Full Kitchens and bathrooms for New Construction - Quincy, MA

There is a new townhouse community coming up in Quincy, MA. Sturbridge Supplies outfitted the entire complex with kitchen and bathroom materials, including the installation. 11 townhouses delight their new residents with modern kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, sleek-looking and perfectly-fitted bathroom vanities and, of course, stunning glass shower doors.